Zero Productivity – Supreme Metrocard


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This flock of pigeons jumped on the subway, last stop your wall. Grab this gang of pigeons on a framed, authentic New York City Supreme MTA metrocard! Price includes shipping in the USA. International customers please inquire about additional shipping charge.

ZROPRO: who also goes by the name “Z” is a Brooklyn based artist whose work focuses on graphic design, illustration, photography, mural and sticker art. His work has appeared in exhibitions and events at notable establishments such as the Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Museum Shop, The High Line, the Museum of Modern Art Design Store, Reed Space NYC, GalerieF, Downtown Brooklyn, Microsoft Xbox One and myplasticheart. He also represents the company Boundless Brooklyn as a featured artist at company events and live demos.

“Z” is also the Lead Graphic Designer for the Little Italy non-profit mural organization The L.I.S.A. Project NYC where he designs various logos, banners, and promotional materials for L.I.S.A. and LoMan Art Fest events.

He is known for creating the character PJ the Pigeon in 2008. PJ is an anthropomorphized cartoon pigeon representing the everyday person living in the big city. He is young at heart and loves getting into shenanigans.