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Be the first to own this set. The factory proofs are up for grabs on this unreleased TurtleCaps pin and wont be available to the public for a few weeks! Limited Edition of only 15 sets worldwide, the Shell Wars R2 astromech droid factory soft enamel pin set includes:

R2-D2 Classic

R2-D2 Bling glitter version

R2-B1 (Queen Amidala Naboo royal cruiser droid)

R4-P17 (Obi-Wan Kenobi’s starfighter droid)

C2-B5 (aka Evil R2, an imperial droid in the Galactic Empire)

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TurtleCaps: This 90’s graffiti writer, born & raised in Queens, transitioned into street art with his creation of TurtleCaps in 2009. After a few years taking over Montreal’s flourishing street art scene, his focus came back to NY where he’s curated multiple gallery shows and painted over 40 murals the past 2 years. His versatile work can be seen in the form of wheatpastes, murals and gallery throughout the East Coast.