In Prime We Trust – Krazy Krusty


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Hey Hey boys and girls, presenting everybody’s favorite clown, Krazy Krusty. Awesome interpretation of the funny man from the Simpsons. Collectible figure was clay sculpted, molded, then cast in resin and features an incredible custom paint job. A unique piece , its the perfect shelf display piece in any art collection or fan of urban vinyl. Acrylic paint on resin figure. Price includes shipping in the USA. International customers please inquire about additional shipping charge.

Xavier Alvarez AKA In Prime We Trust has a style that is a mix of 80s and 90s pop culture, graffiti and comics. His work consists of bold sharp crisp lines and bright colors in order to grasp the eyes attention. He mixes all these ingredients together to create an amalgamation that emotes feelings of nostalgia and child like wonder.