El Toro – Splat & Spray 10-Pack


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Ok, so the 1st & 2nd packs sold out so fast that i had El Toro work thru the night to get one FINAL custom Splat & Spray series 10 pack! And this one features, for the first time, a double and triple dot version. Here’s your last chance final one that will be offered! Pack exactly as shown. About: The hit sensation that’s been sweeping the nation, El Toro’s Splat and Spray series comes to The Pet Store with this special 10 pack!  This low low price works out to only $3 a piece for the whole set! Go halves with your co-workers, chip in with your friends and split em up, trade em with your mom! Price includes shipping in the USA. International customers please inquire about additional shipping charge.

EL TORO: is an artist currently residing in Los Angeles. He started his art career in Philadelphia, where he is credited for being one of the pioneers in creating a sticker culture movement in Philly. His art can be seen on newspaper boxes, walls, street signs, art galleries, and everything in between. He continues to inspire younger artists to pursue their passion for creating art.